One of the things I ask my client’s on their wedding day questionnaires is to share their inspiration and the atmosphere that they’re creating for their wedding. John and Sarah’s answer?

“You know Bilbo’s birthday party at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring? Like that. We hope to have as much laughter, dancing, and joy as possible.”

Newpory Vineyards Bride and groom walking down aisle smiling to cheering friends and family

A Newport Vineyards RI Wedding | Emily + Chris

The Friday they were married was the perfect fall day! After having to reschedule their wedding due to COVID, they were finally able to say “I Do.” Both coming from large Portuguese families- their day was a joyful familial celebration and the vineyard was a gorgeous setting for their friends and family to mingle in. Please pour yourself a glass of wine (hopefully a Newport Vineyards red?) and check out some photos from Emily and Chris’s lovely day!

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