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John + Sarah |The Publick House Historic Inn Wedding | 09.14.19

John and Sarah had their gorgeous Publick House Wedding in late summer in Stubridge, MA. Though it looked more like fall than summer, it was such a beautiful day!

One of the things I ask my client’s on their wedding day questionnaires is to share their inspiration and the atmosphere that they’re creating for their wedding. John and Sarah’s answer?

“You know Bilbo’s birthday party at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring? Like that. We hope to have as much laughter, dancing, and joy as possible.”

Sarah and John’s answer was so fantastic, it made me smile. Quite frankly, I think they nailed it.

I could say a lot more about these two, but why don’t you take a look at their photos below and see for yourselves what a fun and loving day they had with their friends and family!

One of the things I love about Publick House Weddings is how many options are available for your wedding day!
One of my favorite wedding party photos I’ve ever taken. Hard style.
This is John and Sarah’s Dungeons and Dragons crew. I asked them to pose as their characters. FANTASTIC.
Special thanks to my husband for hooking me up with the perfect set of dye for this ring shot!

John and Sarah- thank you SO much for having me photograph your amazing Publick House Wedding!

From our first meeting at The Publick House to the last photo I snapped at your reception, it was a privilege to work with you.

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PhotographyKatlyn Reilly Photography

Venue and Catering: Publick House

DJ: Butch Gray

Hair/Makeup: Hair by Simple Indulgence Day Spa @ Publick House, makeup DIY

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN by Anthropologie

Shoes: Ked’s

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